Trick overcome the slow and hangs iPhone

Trick overcome the slow and hangs iPhone

Trick overcome the slow and hangs iphone. iphone is one gadget that can not be kept away from human life today. iphone is one of the highly sophisticated electronic equipment to bring the latest technology and cutting-edge.


However, it turns out this electronic device has several drawbacks, sometimes electronic device is having problems at the time of use, one of which performance is slowed or erorr. If you encounter such a problem, then try using some of the tips below:

1. Kill the running app

When there hangs, then quick steps that can be done is to forcibly shut down the application that is being used. To do this, you just press the home button twice, after it emerged the app switcher. Select the app and swipe the app over to turn off the application.

2. Restart Device

Usually when the iphone is being jammed, some applications can not be killed. Therefore, you can restart the iOS device by pressing the on / off button, hold for a while until the slider.

Another way to do that is by pressing the on / off button, then press and hold the home key. Hold both buttons until the screen turns off and back lit displays the Apple logo.

3. Manage Application

Use the application as needed, not too much to install an app on your iphone. Not too much to download apps that are not needed. Because it will make the iphone internal memory becomes full. It affects the performance of your iphone.

4. Update Operating System

Try to update the operating system on your iphone, so that various bugs removed, so that the activity on the iphone can smoothly without a hitch at all.

5. Restore iOS Devices

This way is the way that you can do. By using this method, iphone settings return to the default setting. And you need to install the entire app you've ever downloaded.