Google Display Classic Will Omitted January 24, 2017

Google Display Classic will be eliminated January 24, 2017. Face to face google classic has several advantages that until now there are many users and owners acount google google-face still wearing classic. That's because google classic look that is very light and has become a habit on the user.

Lately, the Google has announced that Google will eliminate the classic user interface for Google's social media. This change will be applied starting on January 24, 2017.

Google has created a new design interface with the launch of Google+ classic Communities and Collections. But still provided a link to go to the classic view in the lower left corner with the words "Back to classic Google+". However, starting on January 24, 2017 Google + users already can not see that link again.

At this time, if you click the link to return to the classic Google+ interface will display a pop-up lists, "Attention! Classic Google+ going away soon, but you will still find all your stuff in a new Google+". Then when you Log On to Google+, it will display a pop-up that says "The version you use will soon be replaced. Click here to switch to the new Google+".

After you click the OK button, then the same message will appear at the top of the feed. At the time of announcing the news of this change, Danielle Buckley lay in the context of the new features that appear on social media such as hide less important comments and let users zoom in on a web version of Google+.