Tricks to Take HDR Photos using Smartphone Camera

Tricks to Take HDR Photos using Smartphone Camera. For those of you who have a photo-taking hobby, of course want the results of the photos we take look clear and nice. To get good results and sharp, it takes a photo tool that can produce good photos one of them is a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras can produce photos with HDR quality. However, this time you do not have to bother having to have a DSLR camera to get photos with HDR quality. Simply by using the Smartphone you have, photos with HDR quality you can get.

Most smartphones presently give HDR mode. however typically the results don't match the expectations of users. Therefore, third-party applications is an alternate to manufacturing cool HDR photos. within the Play Store, there square measure quite an few camera and photo-HDR apps, however now we tend to suggest Snapseed.

Yes, Google-made applications are literally not solely be accustomed method HDR pictures, however conjointly has several different options, like lens blur to make effects bokeh, retrolux, vintage, then forth. So, a way to build HDR photos in Snapseed, contemplate the subsequent outline.

1) the primary step, transfer and open the Snapseed app you'll notice within the Play Store. Then choose the image you would like to edit with faucet on any screen space.

2) at the moment, you'll notice Tools menu, Filters, and Face. Scroll all the way down to notice HDR Scape, then tap. Snapseed provides four styles of HDR filters, particularly Nature, People, Fine, and Strong.

3) choose the HDR filter you would like, however during this example we elect Nature. Set however sturdy the HDR filter is to use. consequent step, we tend to use the Curve offered in Tools. you're at home with Photoshop on Windows positively apprehend what Curve operate for, right? Set the curve to your desires. Next you'll use the opposite Tools you wish. during this example we tend to apply a 16: 9 Crop quantitative relation.

If you are feeling the tip of the image is enough, faucet the down arrow, then choose "Save". you'll conjointly select "Share" to share it instantly, as an example Instagram.

Now it is your communicate build cool HDR photos within the Snapseed app.