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Tips Choosing a Good Smartphone and Durable

Android smartphone has many features that can attract many people. This smartphone can follow everything that we wanted. Most people are interested in buying a smartphone because it always comes with various features that are interesting and varied. There are also many smartphone manufacturers that offer products with the advantages of low prices like Advan, Acer, Evercross, smartfreen, Lenovo, the Oppo and others.

Nice is not necessarily expensive, cheap does not mean cheap. That is what is reflected in some of the smartphones on the market today. There are some smartphones that is quite good although the price is not more expensive than Samsung and Iphone. The more favor Smartphone body design, Processor, RAM, camera and some extra features contained in the smartphone, it proved some excellent features capable of attracting the attention of most people. Although some expensive smartphones like Samsung and Iphone has proven a good, strong and durable. But it is sometimes still confuse people who will buy it.
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Tips for Choosing a good quality Smartphone.
As a reference you in choosing a good smartphone, check out some of the simple tips below:

1. CPU and RAM
The terms CPU and RAM actually we've heard on a computer device. Where is the role of CPU and RAM on the computer will determine the speed of your computer. The higher the CPU and RAM, the computer also will get faster performance. So what about the CPU and RAM on a Smartphone? whether the same function?

It turned out that the smartphone is also similar to a computer, if a smartphone has a good CPU, the performance of a smartphone that will follow. In the smartphone is quite cheap, usually used CPU using a CPU with a very high grade. Is it also determines the quality of the smartphone? What is clear, back to us each, a goal to buy a smartphone that is used for what, if used for gaming, it must seek to CPU nice.

RAM or Random Access Memory is an internal storage medium whose function is to assist the performance of seubah CPU. Where commands to be performed by a CPU will be stored in advance of the RAM. Thus, the speed of a smartphone is also determined from its RAM capacity. Choose a smartphone that has a capacity of over 1 GB of RAM.

2. General Processing Unit (GPU)
GPU is a hardware that has an important role in the quality of screen displays. This GPU is very influential when we use a smartphone to played a game in HD and 3D. GPU graphics card is a kind of special to help smatphone make it easier to play a game. Gamers usually prefer a smartphone that has a good GPU, because the better GPUnya the better and clear picture that is displayed when playing the game. In addition to playing games, when he saw a video with HD quality, GPU is also helpful to show the quality of the video so it looks more clear and visible detail.

3. Display Screen
Do not forget to pay attention to the details of screen size, screen resolution, and sensitivity of the screen. Nice screen technology type minimal In-Plane Switches (IPS), which has reached 16 million color combinations of colors. Choose a screen with Multitouch facilities, namely smartphone display technology that can respond to touch with two or more fingers.

4. Quality Camera
Many people who buy a smartphone in order to pictures with the good. They want a good quality photo. Smartphone which has a front camera with a pixel size that is a lot of very nice, but it is also noticed pixel size for the front camera. To be able selfie with nice, you need at least 3 MP front camera. While the 5 MP rear camera up enough for good.

5. Capacity Battery
A large capacity battery makes smartphones more lasting power. Durable power also can attract people to be able to select it as the smartphone can be used for long trips without having to worry about recharging it. For that, choose a battery that has a minimum capacity of 2000 mAh, if you have a very solid activity on your smartphone, makak use batteries with a minimum capacity of 3000 mAh.

6. Network and Connection
Network and Connection greatly affected when a smartphone to access data in internet connection. Choose a smartphone with the latest network connection 4G LTE. As for the connectivity already have to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USBport, and Headset.

7. Brand Smartphone
Brand from a smartphone determine the quality and durability. The better and well-known brand such as Samsung and the iPhone, then the quality of the goods is not in doubt.

However, most people want to choose a smartphone that features a lot but, it's cheap. Therefore, look for the data or the experience from some users about the durability of a smartphone brand.